150,000 works of art, 2000 years of history | Fondazione Torino Musei

150,000 works of art, 2000 years of history


The Fondazione Torino Musei conserves and manages the historical and artistic heritage of the City of Torino.

Our mission is to preserve our heritage, shape research, exhibit and communicate our art collections and historical monuments, making them open, accessible and intelligible to the public, thereby serving the community and fostering its development.

The museums managed by the Foundation are the GAM – Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art), Palazzo Madama - Museo Civico d'Arte Antica (Civic Museum of Ancient Art), the MAO – Museo d’Arte Orientale (Museum of Oriental Art).  The Fondazione Torino Musei also has full control over Artissima s.r.l - the company that operates Artissima Fiera d'Arte Contemporanea (Artissima - Contemporary Art Fair), one of the main Italian contemporary art fairs.

The Fondazione Torino Musei key principles


Pursue and promote standards of excellence in research and in managing and socialising cultural assets;


The active development of society and the well-being and fulfilment of individuals can be fostered by engaging in cultural life, by visiting museums and by mutual exchanges that enhance the life experience of human beings of all ages;


A commitment to making heritage accessible to people of all nations, languages or physical and social status through the development of programmes for heritage digitisation and accessibility at a global scale;


Establish networks of relations and exchanges with institutions and local public and private entities across Italy and throughout the world so as to enhance our cultural offering and extend the boundaries of research to include the pursuit of an interdisciplinary perspective.

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