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Travelling museums

In this collection you will find the exhibitions organized by GAM, MAO and Palazzo Madama for other national and international museums and the artworks of the civic collections that are and have been temporarily on loan in exhibitions, venues and events in other museums in Europe and the world.


MIMETICA Ceramicas: reflejos y refracciones by Andrea Anastasio

12 February 2024 - 12:51

MAO artworks on loan to the Italian Cultural Institute in Madrid


Le trecce di Faustina. Acconciature, donne e potere nel Rinascimento at Gallerie d’Italia

14 December 2023 - 19:06

The "Plate of the “Diva Faustina” by Galeazzo Mondella known as Moderno was loaned to the Gallerie d'Italia in Vicenza


Mostra dossier. La collezione Falletti di Barolo at Musei Reali

28 November 2023 - 17:44

The "Reliquary model of the Holy Sepulcher" from Palazzo Madama has been on loan to the Musei Reali

Grafica Mostra Paraventi Fondazione Prada

Paraventi: Folding Screens from the 17th to 21st Centuries at Fondazione Prada

22 November 2023 - 14:47

MAO artworks on loan at Fondazione Prada


Artemisia Gentileschi. Coraggio e passione at Palazzo Ducale

16 November 2023 - 18:51

San Gerolamo by Orazio Gentileschi was lent by Palazzo Madama for the exhibition "Artemisia Gentileschi. Courage and passion"