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Fondazione Torino Musei Friends

Friendship supports Museums

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Fondazione Torino Musei Friends: a cultural association established in 2007 according to a "participatory" model that considers citizens as promoters and participants in the development of the city's museum institutions.

The Association was formally born in 2007 but as a transformation of the pre-existing Friends of the Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, born in 1999.

The Friends' goal is to deepen the knowledge of artistic movements for  personal cultural enrichment, and for supporting civic museums.

Our goal

  • Divulgation: to involve a larger audience in the life of museums.
  • Support: to improve and support museum activities.
  • Conservation: to support the convervation of artworks in the museums, while ensuring better visibility for the public.

Become a member

Becoming a member means guaranteeing the continuity and further development of the life of the city's museums.

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How to support us