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Loan requests

Richieste di prestito

The Fondazione Torino Musei collaborates and partners with exhibitions organised by other museums and cultural institutions in the belief that a willingness to lend museum collections is in the interests of public enjoyment and education (1995 London Principles, July 2002 rev.).

Loan applications must be submitted to a museum’s management no later than 8 months before the opening date for exhibitions in Italy and no later than 10 months before the opening date for exhibitions outside Italy, to determine the advisability of the loan and complete ministerial authorisation formalities (DL 42/2004).


Palazzo Madama 

GAM – Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea

MAO - Museo di Arte Orientale

 Loan requests must contain the following documents: 
- Title, opening and closing dates of the exhibition;
- List of works of art for which loan requests are being submitted;
- Scientific project, name of curator and, names of Scientific Committee members, if available;
- List of all the works included in the exhibition project;
- Facility Report for the exhibition venue;
- Guarantee of reimportation to Italy if exhibition is abroad.