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MAO Museum of Oriental Art

Museo d'Arte Orientale

Over 2,000 works from a variety of Asian countries, dating from the fourth millennium BCE to the twentieth century CE, provide five different itineraries through five different cultural regions: South Asia, China, Japan, the Himalayan Region and the Islamic countries of Asia. Visitors discover distant, little-known, age-old cultures: the MAO takes its audience on a captivating journey of exchanges, discoveries and insights.


Modern multipurpose room

Accommodates: up to 300  (seated maximum 100, excluding speakers).

Surface: approx. 100 m2

Located on the ground floor, beyond the Japanese Gardens the room is well-equipped with projectors, a retractable screen, a sound system, radio microphones, adjustable lighting and

a climate control system. 

The Museum can accommodate catering for cold buffets in the multipurpose room or in between the Japanese gardens.