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Photographic archive

Photographic archive

One of the major photographic archives of Northern Italy

The Archive was formally established in the early 1930s to document Museum holdings and, more in general, the monuments and works of ancient and modern art in the region of Piemonte. Today the Archive comprises approximately three hundred and fifty thousand phototypes, including negatives and positives on glass plate, film, paper (monochrome and colour) and in digital format. They include images of the Foundation museums, their respective painting, sculpture, graphics, furniture and furnishings collections, and images of their restoration work and exhibitions. The art photography holdings are of historic, artistic and documentary interest and include a variety of subjects (works of art and views of the City and of Piemonte, war events, turn-of-the-century industrial scenes, daily life, personalities).
The authors of the most important fonds include photographers Stefano Bricarelli, Mario Gabinio and Vittorio Ecclesia, the scholar Carlo Nigra, the Alfieri and Lacroix print house and the Istituto Italiano Arti Grafiche di Bergamo (Italian Graphic Arts Institute in Bergamo).
These photographic treasures are available for consultation in the Archivio Fotografico (Photographic Archive), which includes both historical and present-day records that are constantly updated with new photographic campaigns.
Since 2005 all photographs of works of art belonging to the Foundation museums are taken using digital photography.


Information and consultation service

It is possible to request an appointment for information and to consult the preserved heritage. In consideration of the high number of requests, it should be noted that urgent procedures are excluded.


Service for the granting of archive images

It is possible to request the digital photographic reproduction of all the negatives and photocolors of the photographic archive, of the works of art and of the exhibition spaces of the Museums of the Foundation. In consideration of the high number of requests, urgent procedures are excluded.
To obtain Archive material that is not available through e-commerce websites, an APPLICATION must be submitted IN WRITING. It can also be sent by email, specifying:
The subject (name of work, subject matter, artist ...)
the format and type of photograph (size of print or slide, type of digital medium for image files ...)
the use that will be made of the image (academic, editorial/publication, CD and/or DVD, TV programme, scientific or educational, advertising/commercial or other)



Opening hours

Monday to Friday by appointment


For further information:

Requests to publish works from the Palazzo Madama – Museo Civico d’Arte Antica (Civic Museum of Ancient Art) collections, MAO Museo d'Arte Oriental (Oriental Art Museum) modern and contemporary art works from the collections of the GAM, the Fondazione Guido and Ettore De Fornaris, of the CRT held by the GAM. 
Requests to publish from the Historical Photographic Fonds (Avondo, Bricarelli, Ceppi, D'Andrade, Gabinio and others)
Consultation of the Fond of the photographer Mario Gabinio
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Control and growth of the iconographic material related to Ancient Art, Palazzo Madama, the Borgo Medioevale, the MAO (Museum of Oriental Art). Consultation of the Brinckmann, Mallè, Rovere and Viale collections.
Control and growth of the iconographic material related to Modern and Contemporary Art, the GAM,  the Fondazione Guido and Ettore De Fornaris, the CRT collection held by the GAM. 
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Iconographic material related to the GAM graphic collections ( Alfredo D'Andrade fonds) and Vittorio Avondo photographic fonds (Photographic Archive). The photographic material from the Fondazione Italiana per la Fotografia (stored in the Photographic Archive of the Fondazione Torino Musei). Consultation of fonds and organisational support for the conservation /management of the Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe (Prints and Drawings Department).
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Iconographic material related to installations and exhibitions
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