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  • Event
  • 7 December 2019 - 12 January 2020

Stele of the Torino Outlet Village

Curated by Riccardo Passoni, Director of GAM - Turin

Opening: Saturday 7 December at 6pm

Torino Outlet Village
Via Torino, 160 - Settimo Torinese


This year, The XXII edition of Luci d’Artista hosts Aurora, the new light and sound installation specifically created for the Stele of the Torino Outlet Village by Alessandro Sciaraffa. The project is curated by Riccardo Passoni, Director of GAM - Torino.

Sciaraffa's artistic career is characterized by the symbiotic presence of sound, technology and nature.

With Aurora the artist reproduces a natural wonder of faraway places, a prodigious event that combines sound, light and undulating phenomena.

During his permanence in Russia, in the presence of an aurora borealis, the artist has recorded sounds and images subsequently translated over the Stele at the Torino Outlet Village, bringing to life a correspondence between a visible sound and a sonic light.

The sounds of the Aurora, captured at low frequencies, are transmuted into a multicolored graphic that visually reverberates the ever-changing, and otherwise imperceptible, nuances. These noise-images in movement give back the moveable shapes of the aurora and the acoustic effects which are similar to chirps, hissing and electric crackles.

Sciaraffa's intent is "to turn on a cosmic vision to mend the urban fabric with light" transforming the Stele into an invitation for a spiritual, political and social connection between the individual and the universe.

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