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Evolving Soundscapes #2

  • Event
  • 20 June 2023 - 7 September 2023

Music public program | Buddha10 Reloaded

curated by Chiara Lee and freddie Murphy

Tuesday, June 20 - 7 pm
Miya Masaoka
A virtuosic and innovative approach of performing on the Japanese koto.

Miya Masaoka is an American composer, sound artist and musician. She has created a body of work that encompasses interdisciplinary sound art, hybrid acoustic/electronic performance, New Noh operas, choirs, mapping movement of insects, sound installations, performance art, works instigating new and varied modes of working that involve listening, strategies of improvisation, and insinuating an identity that reveals the body, inner workings of plants, and mass incarceration of Japanese Americans.
Her work has been presented at the Venice Biennale, MoMA PS1, Kunstmuseum Bonn, and the Park Avenue Armory. She has been commissioned by and collaborated with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Glasgow Choir, International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), Bang on a Can, Jack Quartet, Del Sol, Momenta and the S.E.M. Ensemble.
Her work explores bodily perception of vibration, movement and time while foregrounding complex timbre relationships. She is an Associate Professor and the director of the MFA Sound Art Program at Columbia University.

Wednesday, July 26 - 7 pm
Arushi Jain
Contemporary electronica and Hindustani classical ragascome together in perfect DIY harmony

Arushi Jain is a modular synthesist, singer, producer, radio host and engineer with an unorthodox vision of a centuries-old tradition – one that’s electronic and resolutely DIY. Her compositions are inspired by Hindustani classical ragas, explored in an aesthetic that is contemporary and current. Her music is a unique reinterpretation of her two contrasting worlds colliding. Arushi grew up in Delhi, where she was exposed to Indian classical and other regional music from a young age. Later, Arushi moved to California to study Computer Science at Stanford University, where she was introduced to computer generated sounds and synthesis at the Centre for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). In her music, ancient ragas from North India are re-imagined with the tools and technologies she learnt as a synthesist and technologist in the Bay Area. Her last album Under the Lilac Skywas released on Leaving Records in July 2021, and was named the Guardian’s Global Album of the month.
Her work has been featured on Pitchfork, Bandcamp, Boiler Room, Ableton, Resident Advisor, FACT, Crack, DJMag and more. She’s recently been included in Forbes prestigious 30 under 30 music list.

Tuesday, August 22 - 7 pm
Analog synthesizers, self-made electronics, invented instruments in a tightrope walk between control and chance muddling the boundaries between performer and audience, stage and floor.
Evicshen is the nom de guerre of sound artist, experimental music performer, and inventor Victoria Shen. Based in San Francisco, Shen's sound practice is concerned with the spatiality/physicality of sound and its relationship to the human body. Her music features analog modular synthesizers, vinyl/resin records, and self-built electronics. Shen's music eschews conventions in harmony and rhythm in favor of extreme textures and gestural tones.
Shen is notably the inventor of Needle Nails, acrylic nails with embedded turntable needles allowing her to play up to 5 tracks of a record at once. Shen's DIY approach extends beyond just instruments but also music releases. Her debut LP,Hair Birth, features copper album art that transforms the cover into a loudspeaker through which the record can be played. Recently, Shen has started releasing hand-made resin records embedded with found materials, each piece functions not only as playable music media but as unique art objects.

Thursday, September 7 - 7 pm
CROSSING BORDERS | Scotch Rolex (alias DJ Scotch EGG) and Shin Hyo Jin

Crossing Bordersis an exclusive performance by the Japanese producer Scotch Rolex (alias DJ Scotch EGG), the Korean-German percussionist Shin Hyo Jin, originally conceived for for SOUND(ING) SYSTEMS 2021, curated by Nik Nowak within the context of the exhibition Schizo Sonics at Kesselhaus, KINDL – Center for Contemporary Art. The piece interrogates the political and sonic resonances of physical and virtual boundaries.
Scotch Rolex and classically trained instrumentalist Shin Hyo Jin mix experimental electronic music with traditional ceremonial Korean percussion, crossing over the boundaries of past and present. Whilst the performance is an approach of Korean and Japanese relation, it's also a mystical and spiritual rite.
Veteran Japanese producer Shigeru Ishihara is mostly known as breakcore-gameboy legend DJ Scotch Egg. Ishihara has been assembling serrated, genre-busting ear bleeders for almost two decades and is no stranger to collaboration; in recent years he's been spotted working with King Midas Sound's Kiki Hitomi in dub-pop outfit WaqWaq Kingdom, playing bass with electro-shoegaze pioneers Seefeel, and most recently in collaboration with Lord Spikeheart with the name Scotch Rolex.
Shin Hyojin is trained in various traditional Korean music and performing arts by Korean masters and teachers such as KIM Duk-Soo of the Performing Arts Troupe SamulNoriHanullim, KIM Dong-Won, a member of the Silk Road Ensemble and LEE Yoon-Seok of GoseongOkwangdae. Since 1994 she has been performing as a former member of the Samulnori group ChonDungSori and nowadays of Korean Traditional Performance Ensemble DoodulSori. Since 2006 she is co-founder and member of Ensemble ~su, an experimental and interdisciplinary project aimed at expanding contemporary forms of sound and movement in cooperation with performers of diverse genres and cultural backgrounds.

Tickets: 15 € full | 10 € reduced (for students)
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