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Sabine Salamé

  • Event
  • 29 May 2024
Sabine Salamé

Wednesday, May 29th – 6:30 PM - SABINE SALAMÉ

Hip Hop migration narrative

In the dynamic landscape of Arabic Hip Hop, a unique voice has emerged that's breaking down the genre and stripping it to its core. Sabine Salamé, a Lebanese rapper and poet, embodies this essence with her latest work ‘Taffe Daw…’ alongside Lebanese producer Jawad Nawfal (Munma). Comprising ten heartfelt tracks, the album takes listeners on a ride through Sabine’s emotional stages of immigration. In its blend of musical styles and honest storytelling, Salamé creates something that goes beyond just a collection of songs; it's a reflection of Salamé's own experiences as she transforms the complex emotions of migration into a musical narrative.

Using the power of her vulnerability to tackle political and personal issues from an unconventional perspective Sabine hopes to build a real historical documentation for the future and make everyone going through similar turmoil feel less alone.

Tickets: 15 € full – 10 € reduced for student. Tickets available at the museum ticket office or on our website.